Milwaukie - Buyer

I wholeheartedly encourage people buying or selling to work with Joan. Her knowledge of the process and the market are second to none and she provides a personalized experience to match your needs. She was extremely responsive and made every quirky thing we encountered easy to understand. We are thrilled with the home we purchased and could not have received better service.

Hillsboro - Buyer

We had such a positive experience buying our home with Joan as our agent and advocate during the process. She guided us through the unfamiliar process (we are first time homebuyers) with humor and understanding, and made sure we were always prepared for the next step well in advance. We always knew where we were. Every time we needed to contact a professional for an inspection or for work, she had a name and a number of someone excellent for us to call. She negotiated everything to our best advantage and she really goes above and beyond. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that if you go with Joan as your agent, as a buyer or a seller, you will not regret it. I really wish she could just be my life concierge, everything would be so much easier.

Brentwood/Darlington - Seller

Joan provided a most professional and knowledgeable service helping me to sell my property. I was a first time seller and she was able to walk me through the process and recommend how to best prepare the home and lot for a quick sale. She was genuinely interested and encouraging. She seemed well connected into the Portland real estate market and associated service providers and other industry professionals. I was very pleased with the outcome.

St. Johns - Seller

I had a property with some difficulties in selling, and I was selling as-is, with both a built property and an adjacent vacant lot, and Joan Rogers provided the perfect advice and top-notch responsive service in getting it sold. Selling a house is kind of a moment of drama anyway, and selling a house with issues has the potential for even more drama. She expertly guided me through the process, my first home sale, and was unflappable through all of it. I have no reservations whatsoever about recommending Joan to others.

Sunshine Community - Seller

I first bought a home, then sold a home working with Joan Rogers. Absolutely terrific. Not a single glitch on her side with two transactions. What I particularly enjoyed about Joan was her upbeat communication skills and consistency of communication with me. Buying and selling homes - the biggest purchases the majority of us ever make - is stressful! Having an agent as experienced and energetic, pragmatic and helpful, made for a really enjoyable experience. I highly recommend Joan Rogers!

Eastmoreland - Seller

I highly recommend Realtor Joan Rogers for any real estate transaction services. Throughout the process of selling my home, Joan demonstrated professional excellence seamlessly blended with her unique personal qualities of elegance, reliability, responsiveness and responsibility. Joan has a lifetime of valuable experience and realtor knowledge as well as wide geographic familiarity and a deep network of professional contacts. Most of all, I appreciated her consistent confidence, graciousness, and her calming can-do perspective. Thank you Joan Rogers!

Overlook - Sale & Purchase

I was fortunate enough to use Joan's vast experience this year for both the purchase of our new home, and for the sale of our old home. There aren't sufficient words to describe how utterly effective Joan's skills are, but I will try. Regarding the purchase of our new home: we had started browsing listings in our desired neighborhoods and had even gone to a few open houses when we happened to find The One. Since we weren't officially looking at the time, we knew we'd have to move quickly to make an offer on the home before it could be sold to another buyer. I contacted Joan and she leapt into action, guiding us every step of the way to get ourselves ready to make an offer on the home in an extremely short 2-day turnaround. Before we could submit, however, we learned that the owner had accepted another offer. Joan knew how much the house had meant to us, and so she continued to track the offer, and delighted us with an early morning call to let us know the original offer had fallen through and the house was back on the market. We had our offer submitted by the next day, and were thrilled that it was accepted. From the time the offer was submitted to our closing date, Joan kept us informed at each decision point, tapping her broad network for assistance in finding excellent inspectors, negotiating the issues found during the home inspection into fierce advocacy for our purchase, and being available for every worried call or message with kindness, patience, and even tough love when needed. I truly believe there is no situation that could arise that Joan wouldn't have either dealt with before, or that she would "know a guy" able to guide us through the particulars. She has a mastery of real estate etiquette and legal/professional boundaries, knows when and where to apply pressure, and is just an overall joy to work with and be around. Regarding the sale of our old home: we actually began our discussion with Joan by asking her to come to our then-current home and give us an honest, critical, realtor assessment of what we could realistically expect to get for our old home (a 1905 farmhouse in Overlook), so that we'd know in what approximate price range we'd be shopping. She came up with a to-do list of things that buyers would either demand or desire on our home, and her assessment was spot-on. We tackled her recommended list of repairs and improvements (roof, sewer, and paint), and due to these features being in top-notch condition when we listed the home, we had multiple offers within a few days of the home going on the market. The well-researched and carefully considered listing price generated a huge amount of interest in the home, and we went sale pending after only 9 days with an offer that was $15,000 over our asking price. Yes, our home was cute and well cared for, but Joan knew exactly where to price our home to generate the most interest. She was even able to steer us away from some early risky offers by relying on her many years of experience to sniff out some sketchy details. By relying on her expertise, we landed on the best possible option, and we closed on time (actually, a day early!) without any difficulties or drama. I recommend Joan to anyone needing to purchase or sell their home, without qualifications or reservations. She is beyond competent... "wizard" or "master" seem more accurate. She won't coddle you, but instead will tell you real facts with real options clearly spelled out. You will always know that she is advocating for YOU, and will move mountains to make sure the stress of buying and selling results in another deeply satisfied client. And on your next car ride to an open house, she can captivate you with tales of cat adoption and rescue, or offer rousing discussions of classical composers. This world is a better place because of Joan.

Creston - Buyer

Joan is wonderful. She did such a good job finding us our first home in 2014, with a very small budget, that we decided to have her help again. In this red hot market, she was able to navigate a tricky sale and find us a new home in a great location. Would recommend.

Kenton - Buyer

Joan made the entire process of buying our first home FUN and simple. She easily gave us exceptional advice as first-time home buyers and put us at easy with the whole process. She was a pleasure to work with and it was almost disappointing when we found the right house so quickly! We have already recommended Joan to our friends.

Oak Grove - Seller/Milwaukie - Buyer

When a musician is in full command of her skills, the result is art. Joan Rogers has brought the business of home sales to that level. The sale of my home proved to be challenging with issues of masonry and water line excavation. Joan was able to call in the most competent and diligent contractors to evaluate and resolve tough problems. Coordinating this with the purchase of a condo required attention to detail and timing. Throughout, Joan guided the process with superb professionalism, anticipating each step, instantly responsive and knowledgeable in so many aspects of real estate. Joan Rogers has my complete confidence, a true virtuoso.

Eastmoreland - Seller

We couldn't have had a better selling experience with Joan. She was exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable about the market. She was always prompt with straightforward answers and guided us through the process for a smooth transition. We would definitely request Joan if we decide to buy in Portland again.

Mt. Scott/Arleta - Buyer

I cannot recommend Joan Rogers enough. We were first time homebuyers in a market with historic low inventory and COVID restrictions. Joan was amazingly responsive, explained things in understandable language, and answered all of our questions with grace, clarity, and good humor. Her delightful wit and
eloquence is matched by her attention to detail. We never had any concerns that things would fall through the cracks on her end. She also repeatedly showed that she had our best interests at heart. We have already and will continue to recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Portland area - a true treasure!

Foster/Powell - Buyer

Joan represented our son (we were co-signers) in the purchase of a house in SE Portland. The price point of this property was less than $300K and there were numerous obstacles requiring extraordinary amounts of time and effort on Joan's part. An issue related to how the property was assessed required much back and forth with the city of Portland and the appraiser. Ultimately Joan recommended a different lender which was successful. Then we learned there was an issue with the title. Joan took the lead once again explaining the problem to everyone involved and step-by-step what the seller needed to do. We finally closed 6 months after the original offer was extended and accepted. Throughout the process Joan was utterly tenacious. This took far more time and effort than any of us would have imagined, but she never gave up. We highly recommend her.

Eastmoreland - Seller

Joan was a terrific communicator. She kept us apprised of every detail along the way. We especially appreciated her attention to the smallest detail in negotiating our sale. She gave us excellent advice as to when to list, how to show the house, and what was the most credible offer. She has a quiet efficient manner and she also has a delightful sense of humor. We thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

St. Johns - Seller/Cedar Hills - Buyer

Joan came to us through a friend's recommendation and helped us with both our sale and purchase this spring and summer. She really put us at ease during every step in the process. No question was too small, she was super responsive, and she has a great sense of humor. That always helped keep things in perspective and made both the selling and buying process enjoyable. We especially loved her advice on staging our home for sale. We felt at a loss because we had been in the house for quite a while and didn't really know where to start. She gave us a list of simple upgrades we could do in a couple weeks, and we heard from multiple possible buyers that it had immediate appeal. The house sold in less than four weeks. Buying went just as well. She stuck with us as we looked across a broad range of houses and locations until we steadily narrowed it down. Once we found the house, we all knew it was the one, and she helped us navigate a competitive bidding process and come out on top! We love our new home and are so thankful we had Joan to rely on. She's even been available after the purchase to answer questions and give advice. We've already recommended her to friends and family who are planning on buying and selling in the next year.

Creston - Seller

Joan was a pleasure to work with! She had our best interest in mind throughout the entire process! She was fast and easy to communicate with! I recommend her highly!!!!!!

Eastmoreland - Seller

Joan was so very helpful as we sold our family home of 24 years. Our sale was relatively complex as the inspection surfaced some issues we weren't anticipating. Joan was very resourceful and knew what type of contractor would be needed (and she had contacts in each area) to come in and do timely assessments and provide estimates, as necessary, to resolve any issues. She was also very knowledgeable about real estate in the area (Eastmoreland), bringing a very well researched estimate of what we might sell the house for - she was spot on! She was friendly and very responsive as well. Joan made what can be a very stressful thing less so with her knowledge, friendliness and experience. We would strongly recommend her!

Beaumont - Buyer

Joan is a fantastic realtor and an awesome advocate for my husband and me as first-time buyers. She listened to us, sent us home listings that corresponded to our wants and needs, was full of knowledge of both local areas and architectural information, and was incredibly responsive throughout the process. And when we found our home, she went above and beyond to ensure that we were getting the best deal possible. Without her guidance, we wouldn't have known to ask for the seller to repair or credit certain items that saved us thousands. We are so grateful we had Joan as our realtor and would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone. She was a joy to work with and now we're in our perfect home thanks to her!

Grant Park - Seller

I consulted with Joan, and several other realtors a year or more prior to putting my house on the market. I chose Joan because she seemed the most simpatico with my style and my needs, which were a little unusual for the upcoming sale. We consulted again, long distance about 6 months prior to marketing. When I arrived back in Portland, I needed to accelerate the timeline that we had previously agreed upon and Joan found a way to accommodate that without the slightest irritation. She worked with my parameters which I know a lot of other realtors would not have. She respected my opinions when we discussed marketing strategies, and I felt that working with her was truly a collaborative experience. She knows the market and she is extremely insightful regarding buyer and seller psychology. Joan's advice on prep was spot on, and she was able to get me through all of the inspection/repair negotiations and issues in a sane and timely manner. Her prose on the marketing materials was extraordinary. Her responsiveness quick as lightening, despite being a very busy person. Her demeanor is always professional. My house sold very quickly, at a price higher than what other realtors were suggesting. I give Joan Rogers the highest recommendation.

Kenton - Seller

My experience working with Joan on the sale of my home was extremely positive. She is very knowledgeable, highly responsive, and unflappable (even in the face of the raccoon mama and kits that opted to take up residence in the home's crawlspace while it was showing). Highly recommended!

St. Johns - Buyer

Smart...Perceptive...a Pleasure to Work With! We just bought a house with Joan's help, and recommend her heartily to anyone needing an agent. She is sharp as whip, which was very helpful when analyzing the pro's and con's of various properties, and when deciphering the results of the inspection. And she's perceptive, too. We "kinda" knew what we wanted, but after just two meetings, Joan used her people insight to help us refine and focus our search into what we really *did* want. It's rare to find someone who's both smart AND perceptive, so Joan is a rare bird. On top of all that, she's genuinely funny. Her wit was very welcome during the stress of making such a large purchase. We felt very confident letting Joan take the lead throughout the house search and house purchase. If you want an agent who's been in the business for 20 years, knows her stuff cold, will probably out-think and out-research the agent on the other side, who will offer sensitive, excellent guidance during the selection process, and who will answer her phone at night whenever you need hand-holding during the stressful process, then Joan Rogers is for you. We're big fans!

Forest Heights - Buyer

Joan was helpful in my wide search for a home with a yard. She knew what to look for regarding the inner workings of a house. She was concerned about what would be best for me. She was very professional.

Kenton - Sale & Purchase

Joan is an exemplary real estate agent who shines in all areas of real estate sales, negotiation, and purchasing. I’ve both bought and sold homes with Joan. With sellers, Joan utilizes dozens of years of experience in the Portland market to help you raise the value of your home prior to the buy. My house had multiple bidders, despite tons of quirks and an odd layout. With buyers, Joan reads both you and the market—and keeps you away from poor decisions. Her patience with both me (and the market) led to a purchase I couldn’t be happier with. Finally, Joan is meticulous and has seen EVERYTHING—she often catches things that other real estate agents overlook. There’s no one I’d have more faith in then Joan when it comes to such a major life decision. Thanks, Joan! A++++++

Eastmoreland - Seller

Joan Rogers is an absolute gem. She is meticulous, knowledgeable, and knows the Portland market inside and out. Her advice and recommendations were spot on as we prepared to put our house on the market. Her decision on pricing our property was perfect, too, as we got a full price offer within the first week. She is a consummate pro, and was a pleasure to work with.

Milwaukie - Buyer

I first met Joan back in 2015 when I first cooked up the idea to relocate from the Bay Area to Portland. She graciously showed me all around Portland Metro and filled me in on all the little details that allowed me to make my decisions about where I wanted to look and settle. When I finally pulled the trigger in June of 2018 her help, knowledge, and encouragement was invaluable. She is objective, smart, humorous, and well experienced. A great realtor is required to make any transaction work. It’s the biggest financial decision that most of us make in our life and is additionally problematic because we are not just looking for an investment. We are looking for a home. Joan understands that. Highly recommended.

Woodstock - Seller

If I could give her 6 stars I would! Joan was AMAZING and we could not have survived the roller-coaster craziness of selling our hundred-year-old quirky (but adorable) SE PDX home without her. Professional, knowledgeable, calm, and with a great sense of humor throughout. Highly recommend.

Gladstone - Buyer

Joan is an absolute angel and made the terrifying process of purchasing a house for the first time so much easier. She was always available to answer my numerous questions and was an absolute font of knowledge. Patient, knowledgeable and has a lovely wit. Cannot recommend her highly enough!

Eastmoreland - Seller

My wife and I listed our house with Joan based on our research and were very pleased. Joan communicated extremely well which was very helpful during this process. Her knowledge of the market, experience and professionalism all proved to be at the highest level. This can be a stressful process and utilizing an experienced and knowledgeable realtor like Joan is so important. We would both highly recommend Joan.

Silverton - Buyer

Buying a home for the first time is a intimidating experience. There are so many details and systems throughout the process that you have never thought about before. Joan helped us navigate this process with an her eye for detail, expert knowledge and empathy. She always responded to our questions in a very timely fashion and managed communications between various parties in a way that prevented any misunderstandings. We are very happy with our new home and I would highly recommend Joan; she made the stressful process of buying much easier.

Kenton - Seller

Joan Rogers was everything we wanted in a real estate agent. She took time to talk about our past experiences. She gave us good and thorough information to help us in deciding to sell our house. She gave us practical guidance to stage while still living in the house. Throughout everything, Joan maintained excellent communication, and quick responses even at odd hours. Thank you, Joan.

Summerfield - Buyer

Joan is an absolute gem in the Portland real estate market. She is incredibly kind, conscientious and helpful. She went the extra mile researching properties for me to make sure that they qualified for a VA loan. She explained every step of the process clearly to me and provided invaluable support from first contact until closing. Joan is honest, deliberate and works extremely hard to ensure that her clients find the perfect home for them. I would recommend her to anyone shopping for a home in the Portland area.

Woodstock - Seller

Joan was our amazing Realtor for the sale of two houses for us. Our first was our primary residence. Joan was thorough, knowlegeable, and very professional in every way. We knew we were in good hands! When it came time to sell our rental house, we immediately contacted Joan. The sale of the rental house was rife with one issue after another and I am quite sure we made some kind of record book for the most bizarre issues to come up. Joan handled it all with grace, calm, and wisdom - each new curve ball that came our way, Joan was able to talk us through the situation and also walk the buyer's realtor through some of unusual circumstances so that all parties were informed and clear as to what the next steps should be. We cannot express enough our gratitude and confidence in Joan and will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone and everyone who asks us!

Richmond - Buyer

Working with Joan to purchase our first home was a great experience. Joan's extensive experience and keen eye for details meant that she saw potential issues other realtors missed (like missing oil tank documentation or a non-compliant wood stove) and that we had no expensive surprises waiting for us. Although we weren't her only clients, we felt like it - she was always a text, email, or phone call away! Our lender commented Joan's excellent communication during the closing process. We also felt like Joan quickly "got" us and was able to effectively help us navigate the emotionally murky waters of first time home buying. We feel lucky to have met Joan, who is an exceptional realtor as well as a kind and generous human being.

Gresham - Buyer

Even though I only had a few days in Portland, Joan was able to find me the perfect house. The house ended up with multiple offers, but her advice about how much to offer was right on. And when the inspection turned up some issues and the sellers were initially unwilling to make any concessions, Joan again gave me valuable advice on how to decide whether or not to proceed. As it turns out, the sellers made a reasonable counter and I was very happy with the outcome.

Eastmoreland - Seller

Working with Joan has been nothing short of delightful. Joan possesses the rare combination of intelligence, grace, humor and knowledge. Although I can't verify this personally, I'm pretty sure Joan has a blackbelt in Real Estate. I would never dream of working with anyone but Joan.

Eastmoreland - Seller

We interviewed multiple realtors to sell my parents' home as part of their estate before selecting Joan, and she proved to be an outstanding choice. Joan's excellent communication, responsiveness and professionalism as well as her sense of humor made working with her a pleasure. She advised us with knowledge and candor throughout the process when issues arose (fuel tank decommissioning, sewer scope). I recommend Joan unreservedly to anyone seeking to buy or sell a home in the Portland area.

Silverton - Buyer

We would have been completely lost without Joan's integrity, expertise, and honesty. She's a great listener who understood what wanted and didn't waste our time with what we didn't. As new home buyers, we were suspicious and leery of the process and had some pretty specific parameters, and Joan guided us into a property that fit everything on our wish list--and more. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Eastmoreland - Seller / Lake Oswego - Buyer

I've known Joan for quite a few years now, and she has always been responsive to my questions, thoughts, ideas, and dilemmas with a very thoughtful and deliberate manner. She is a bit unusual for a realtor (I think!) since she is not a typical salesman with a lot of jabber. She is sincerely concerned with getting you the best house possible for your budget and likes/dislikes. On the other hand, she has completed two great sales for me (a condo and a house), and I couldn't be happier with the outcomes. You absolutely can't go wrong with Joan!

Forest Heights - Buyer

It is hard to express just how good Joan Rogers is! Genius is the word that comes to mind. We have worked with Joan as buyers and as sellers. Joan leaves no stone unturned when it comes to inspections. We recently bought a home in SW that underwent long, protracted and extremely complex negotiations and dealing regarding the integrity of the siding of the house. Joan not only saved our transaction with her calm, reasoned, and savvy communications between various parties (contractors, inspectors, the sellers and their agent), she also helped us avoid what could have been hundreds of thousands of dollars in repair work. Joan is a life-time partner as well for the care of your home: she has recommended excellent contractors, cleaners, irrigation specialists, roofers, etc. over the years. Champion, smart and ethical in every aspect of the business.

Sheridan - Buyer

If you want to work with a realtor who truly has your best interests at heart, is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the business, and who will advocate for you at every corner, go with Joan. Additionally, if your circumstances are unusual, talk to her. I live in Europe, bought a property in Oregon, and worked with Joan remotely during the entire process. I put 100% trust in her, let her do her job, and it all went without a hitch in spite of all the things that come up during home purchase. I will continue to sing her songs of praise, and recommend her to everyone I know buying or selling a home in Oregon.

Rose City - Sale & Purchase

Joan found our house for us when we first bought, and then sold it for us years later. We first met her at an open house she was hosting, and we were very impressed and signed her on as our buyer. Honestly, I can't really remark on her expertise except that to us, it seemed like everything was already done by magic on both the buying and selling side. When we sold our house, she priced us very well so that we sold quickly with a greater than anticipated profit. Whenever someone needs an agent in the PDX area, Joan is the first to mention.

Eastmoreland - Seller

Joan is outstanding. She’s smart, professional, responsive and very easy to work with. I was a mortgage broker for ten years. I’ve worked with a lot of realtors through hundreds of transactions. I can’t think of a single realtor I’d rather work with than Joan. She worked well with different personalities. She inspired confidence. Nothing rattled her. She was always calm. And her strategy produced a quick offer, above asking price. She saw the transaction right through closing, and she was there with us to sign documents. She has my highest recommendation. If I could give her more stars, I would.

Richmond - Buyer

Joan helped me buy my first home in 2005. I was a little uncertain because it was such a big step and I didn't know how to go about it. Not only that, but this is when houses were literally get snatched up in a matter of days. Luckily, Joan was a total pro. Not only did she help me find the perfect house, she inspired confidence because she was so on top of things. She deftly handled the negotiation with the seller and smoothed out any potential issues. She's just great!

Kerns - Buyer

Joan knows Portland inside and out; really listens to what her clients need and want and is able to interpret that with the housing available; is super responsive (even after the sale); and is a sharp advocate for her clients during inspections, negotiation, and loan paperwork. When we bought our house, we saw her put all these skills to use for us. And though she has assistants, we never met them; when you work Joan, you work with her - you don't get passed off if you don't find a house after x showings. We would work with her again and recommend her 100 percent!

Overlook - Seller

Joan has represented my family twice as buyers and twice as sellers in Portland between 2011-2020. Her expertise is deep and comprehensive — from market behaviors, neighborhoods and schools, to obscure building requirements and historical quirks. Impressively, she’s been able to intuit our needs as buyers before we were able to recognize and articulate them ourselves. She’s straightforward about potential challenges and seems to be working three steps ahead, proactively trouble-shooting so our experience as the client is steady and enjoyable, even in the Interesting Times of 2020. Five out of Five; Very Satisfied; Would 100% work with Joan again!

New Columbia - Seller / Beaverton - Buyer

Joan is amazing. She handled both the sale of our "old house" and the purchase of our "new house" and both went swimmingly. She offered us wonderful suggestions on improvements we could make to increase the desirability of our listing, as well as suggestions on staging for photos. Once we had offers, and were in the inspection period, her impressive reserve of recommended service vendors (I.e, contractors and roofers) meant that we were able to schedule and complete all work as needed. As for the buying side: Once we found the perfect house to put an offer on, she negotiated tirelessly to try and get us the best deal possible. Once again, her reserve of recommended service vendors meant that we were able to have estimates on necessary repairs quickly. Her ability to explain things clearly, while presenting three alternative "best to worst case outcomes" meant that we always felt confident and secure in what was happening. Every person we interacted with in this process, from our lender to the title company, sang Joan's praises. She's well respected throughout the area.

Eastmoreland - Seller

Joan Rogers is everything you'd hope in a real estate agent. She's knowledgeable, thorough, personable, and isn't high pressure at all. Joan knows values of properties and doesn't inflate them. Joan is organized, stays in touch with her clients, and answers questions no matter how minute they might be. Our family would not hesitate to enlist her services again. She knows what she is doing and is successful at her craft.

Parkrose Heights - Sale & Purchase

Joan helped us both sell a house and buy a new one. Throughout the process, she was friendly, resourceful, knowledgeable and very responsive. She was consistently attentive to our needs and patient with our ever-changing minds. We sold our house for more than we imagined we could, and landed up in the perfect house for us. She helped us through all the rocky processes and made it easy breezy for us. We wouldn't work with anyone else, and we're very glad to know such a bright, talented and enjoyable person. She is both an excellent realtor and a lovely friend.

Eastmoreland - Seller

Joan did a great job for us! The 5 star rating we awarded Joan doesn't cover the half of it. This was a sad sale for us as following our father's death, we were selling our parents' home of 50+ years. We felt that she stood by us quietly ensuring that we were taking the right steps at each point in the sale. She arranged for a number of services to show the house at its best, and at the best price. She was able to hurry along the decommissioning of the oil tank when we were unable to do so. She helped us find a good escrow company who made the paperwork go very smoothly. Her advice through-out was spot-on. We highly recommend Joan.

Mill Park - Seller

We had a rental house in east Portland we wanted to sell and a limited budget to get the house in top shape. Joan did not rush us in any way and advised us over the course of 6 or 7 months until we were ready to put the house on the market. Joan gave us a highly accurate idea of pricing and a robust comparative doc for the neighborhood. We had a number of obstacles during the sale - the worst of which was a vandal breaking in. Joan was wonderful at communicating with the other party, keeping things running smoothly and advising us along the way. We finished a complicated transaction with buyer and seller happy and satisfied, and a house in great shape. Since then, I have recommended Joan several times. The friends and family to whom I have recommended Joan have been thrilled as well!

Mt. Tabor - Buyer

Joan was an excellent agent who went to bat for us on unclear DEQ oil tank paperwork and also helped us negotiate in a seller's market. She gave excellent advice and definitely looked out for our interests. We would recommend her to anyone, especially if you are coming in from out of state and need help with local procedures. She is very knowledgeable.

Roseway - Buyer

At the recommendation of a friend, we contacted Joan to help navigate us through the process of buying our first home. She was very helpful from the start; she suggested a lender (who was also very nice to work with and responsive), and once we were approved for a mortgage, I initially met up with her to describe what we were looking for, our price range and so on. After that, we began looking at homes, and she was very patient with us, and gave us honest and insightful opinions on the houses (quality or lack thereof), and her perception of how well a particular house might suit our needs. Once we bought a home, she came with us to the closing at the title company, and explained everything we were signing, and what the forms were for, far better than the title company employee did. She explains complicated terms and procedures throughout the entire process simply and clearly, is very accessible and pleasant to work with, and made buying a home for the first time not too scary! Highly recommended!

Beaverton (Highland) - Buyer

Joan is not only a very capable professional, but also a lovely person. Joan was recommended to us by some friends. They raved about her and it was clear why as soon as we met her. She is very personable and easy to communicate with. Joan was able to take our somewhat vague set of home-buying goals and help us hone them until we knew what we wanted. Her excellent knowledge of the real estate business was invaluable as we looked at different properties. She was able to steer us away from potential problem properties and toward quality options. That said, she never said "no" to viewing a property and was open to tour almost anything I was interested in. Joan was always available by email and text, and I mean always. There was never a time when I was unable to get in contact with her. If Joan was merely and excellent agent, I would recommend her, but she is also really fun to work with. She made our home-buying experience easy and enjoyable! Thank you, Joan!

Barnes Road Condominium - Buyer

I came across Joan as a buyer, after another realtor failed me. I decided to contact selling agent myself (Joan). Her communication skills were impeccable! Fast and clear responses even in late hours. As a first-time buyer, Joan, made the process very simple and enjoyable! The best part, she works just as hard for first-time home buyers with a limited budget, such as me, as she would for million dollar properties. She would be there to answer a question or concern at a moment!. I absolutely enjoyed my home-buying experience with Joan at my side. Also, Joan connected me with an amazing mortgage broker, Martin Matsumura. Between Joan and Martin, I can't say enough for attaining a place beyond my expectations for a bargain price!

Montavilla - Buyer

We found Joan through a friend after having a not so great experience with a different broker. Joan was able to find us our house on our very first outing after we had failed to find the right house for 2 years. Joan was very professional and helped us through some unexpected turns (like a party sewer line) and ultimately we bought our house for a lower price than our first offer, which doesn't seem to happen in Portland. Joan is great and I'm happy to recommend her.